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Monday, September 19, 2016

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This Profiling witness/victim statement will prove to the State Legislature that profiling is a pervasive problem in Texas that requires legislative relief.


Texas Legislature

I have been the victim of, and/or have witnessed, the law enforcement practice of motorcycle profiling and discrimination in the state of Texas within the last five years.
Defined by statute, the unlawful practice of profiling occurs when law enforcement targets an individual displaying characteristics of a class that the officer believes more likely than others to commit a crime or be violent.
In terms of motorcycling, motorcycle profiling occurs when law enforcement targets an individual riding a motorcycle or wearing motorcycle related paraphernalia because that officer believes that motorcyclists are more likely than others to be guilty of a crime or be violent.
I believe that the practice of motorcycle profiling is an unlawful violation of the 1st Amendments guarantees of free expression and assembly, the 14th Amendment's equal protection guarantees, and the Texas Constitution.
Bonar Crump

For Immediate Release 09/16/2016

We have a willing sponsor for anti-motorcycle profiling legislation named Sen. Kirk Watson. Our primary effort right now is to collect the data necessary to forward legislation to the TX Senate during the first 60 days of the 2017 legislative session. The site and petition linked in this email is a reproduction of the same petition put forth in MD resulting in successful passage of legislation signed by their Governor on May 19, 2016. But first things first...this is TX and we need to understand the timelines we're dealing with.  
“To introduce a bill in the senate, a senator first must file the required number of copies of the bill with the secretary of the senate, who sequentially numbers each bill in the order in which it is received. The senate rules of procedure also permit unrestricted introduction of bills during the first 60 calendar days of each regular session. After the 60-day deadline, the introduction of any bill in the senate, other than a local bill, emergency appropriations, or emergency matters specifically submitted by the governor, requires the consent of at least four-fifths of the membership of the senate.”   
There's your sense of urgency. We need this bill introduced to the Senate before the end of February 2017. That means the data and supportive documentation necessary to pull this off has to be completed by end of October. Legislative session begins January 10,2017. If we miss this window of opportunity, we have to wait until opening of legislative session in 2019.
Bonar Crump
President - Grim Guardian MC
[McLennan Co. Inmate #171015 - Cell #J-136  > Incarcerated: 05/18/2015 - 06/01/2015]

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