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Sunday, March 13, 2011

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Super Sprayer


Stay abreast of what’s going on. Search the news for updated information on the significant challenges facing Japan. Watch the YouTube videos. Contemplate the information and discuss it with your family at dinner. Allow the bitter pill which is this disaster to dissolve in your mouth. It’s how we share in the suffering.

What good does that do? It fixes our vision on the needy, hurt, and scared. Hopefully, it soaks into our pours and initiates white blood cells to wake up and fight off the infection. It’s how we learn to live outside ourselves. It teaches us compassion and trains us to digest the information about nuclear reactors and numbers of missing and monetary levels of damage and turn it into “real” matters of concern…what are the people doing…how are people getting water…how many haven’t slept in the last two days because they haven’t been able to find their spouse or children or neighbors.

We have to cheer for them!
We have to scream and holler!
We have to clinch our teeth and pump our fists in the air!
They are our new favorite sports team...


Conversions: Christian to Atheist

by Jason Boyett

Today's conversion story isn't a conversion from one faith to another, but rather a "de-conversion" from confident teenage Christianity to atheism. It comes from Ryan Hadley, a tech ninja from Colorado.

"The biggest factor in me losing faith in the Christian God was a specific incident with a very good friend of mine. I believe that the Bible teaches that homosexuality is wrong -- that it is a sin and so should be avoided. I never approved of all the anti-homosexuality hate speech coming from my friends/other Christians... but I did view [homosexuality] the same as lying.  It's clearly something the Bible doesn't want you to do.

Because of this, my faith in an ancient holy book caused me to do the one thing in my life that I regret.

My good friend, who was also a Christian, was in a horrible state. He was torn. He came to me for advice. He liked guys more than girls. But he'd always say he was bisexual. So one day, he asked me my opinion, as a good friend. I basically told him that if he thinks he can make it work with a woman, then that is the direction he should go, according to the Bible.

Against all that was in me, I said those words. If what I was suggesting was so "right" then why did it feel so wrong? And the rejected look I got in return from him felt so sad. It shocked me to the core... that my own morality conflicted so much with the biblical morality.

This made me start reading the Bible in a different way. Not as "this is right" but as "is this right?" God's actions shocked and saddened me, time after time. It completely changed the way I thought... I became a very skeptical person, looking at everything in my life so much closer than I ever had before."

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