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Monday, April 18, 2011

Atheists Helping the Homeless Running Strong in Austin

via God Discussion

For 20 months now, Atheists Helping the Homeless has been handing out toiletries, clothing, supplies and food to the homeless in Austin, Texas.

Formed by Joe Zamecki, Texas State Director of American Atheists, and two of his colleagues in September 2009, the group just completed its 23rd giveaway. The giveaways take place on Sundays under I-35 at 7th Street downtown.

The giveaways include practical items, such as toothbrushes, soaps and other items that are often overlooked in charitable giveaways. Atheists Helping the Homeless accepts other types of donations for the giveaways, but the toiletries have been the mainstay. Donations can include tangible items or money.

To the relief of some of those who visit the giveaway table, there is no preaching. They can pick up items from a cheerful team of volunteers, chat if they want, hang out for Joe's music concerts, or just go their way without any obligation.

By using the word 'atheist' in the name, Atheists Helping the Homeless shows that atheists are compassionate. Empathy for others is not limited to church membership.

Atheists Helping the Homeless has helped 1,500 people so far, according to their website. They are now forming chapter groups outside of Austin.

UnChristian: Who Do I Emulate?

by Colin McCartney
Red Letter Christians
[Rev. Colin McCartney is the founder of UrbanPromise Toronto and author of two best selling books: The Beautiful Disappointment and Red Letter Revolution (Castle Quay Publishers). He is also a mentor to pastors and business people and is in high demand as a speaker. Colin is married to Judith McCartney and has two children – Colin Junior and Victoria McCartney.]

I have been doing some thinking about the book UnChristian in which non – Christians had the opportunity to share their views of Evangelical Christians. Not surprisingly they are not too impressed by us. In fact the huge majority of them see us in a very negative light. Specifically, they see us a being homo – phobic, pro – war, insensitive and extremely judgmental.

When I read these accusations towards us I could not help but think of what would happen if we were able to go back in time and do a similar research project on people’s views of Jesus. What would the “sinners” in Jesus’ day say about him? I think that they would be very positive about Jesus after all they were always hanging around him (see Luke 15: 1 - 2).

I believe that they would see him as being the opposite of how non – Christians view us Evangelicals today. They would see Jesus as being sympathetic and forgiving (not homo – phobic), merciful (not pro – war), empathetic (not insensitive) and very gracious (not judgmental).