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Monday, August 30, 2010

Jesus Is Not a "Christian"

So it appears that what I'm reading alot about lately is the spiritual categorization of people into two primary groups.
  1. Believers maintaining their traditional understanding of what it means to honor, serve, and worship a true and living God via the institutional organized system of religion known at "church" / Christianity.
  2. Non-believers rejecting a system of organized religion which is in the throws of a massive systemic shutdown of vital organs.
The church-going believers are dealing with real life issues involving faith, family, and financial survival. These are real people that pray for help, struggle with their faith, and wrestle with the purpose of it all. They are not delusional or stupid or ignorant of how the world operates. They're trying to do the best they can with managing their marriages, raising their kiddos, and dealing with all the struggles and challenges which come with life in general. Life isn't easy for these folks. They don't always win. They don't always experience joy or peace or even contentment. They seek help. They seek friendships. They seek love. What defines this group from the other is their hope and belief that there is a greater reality and one who has created that reality that they refer to as God.

The non-believer is dealing with life the same as the believer. The difference between these folks and the believer crowd is the absence of a belief in a greater reality. What you see is what you get. Seems pretty