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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Get out the vote!

Taking a vote:

(Disagree) 1-2-3-4-5 (Agree)

1. ANYTHING that isolates us from relationships with people that do not believe in Jesus Christ is the “offending hand” (Matt. 5:30).

2. Even if the timesuck that isolates you is church attendance?

3. Even if the timesuck that isolates you is bible study?

4. Even if the timesuck that isolates you is 16 hours a day of prayer?

5. Even if the result of the timesuck is volumes of biblical knowledge?

6. Even if the timesuck that isolates results in hearty, rich relationships with those that already believe in Christ?

7. Even if the effort, time, self-discipline all result in a pious, religious, sacrosanct life?

8. Even if your intentions are good and you commiserate with aplomb?

Just wondering…


  1. I'm not sure how we are supposed to go about responding to this. But I would say a 3 because a Christian spiritual life is all about balance. Just like we need time alone to recharge our batteries, even if we love being around people, sometimes we need to do strictly Christian things - prayer, bible studies, Christian community - for large chunks of time. Nothing is a "timesuck" when we do it for the glory of God. At the same time, though, when we use these kind of "holy huddle" activities in order to hide from the world or in order to make excuses about where God wants us, then we aren't behaving in a very glorifying way.

  2. I think I definitely misunderstood this the first time. So maybe this will be more helpful. 1.5 2.3 3.3 4.4 5.4 6.2 7.I don't understand the meaning to. Pious, religious and sacrosanct mean something different to everyone. But if pressed, I'd go 3 here too. And 8.1 If your intentions are good, then you are in a good position.