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Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Gospel according to Harley-Davidson

by Bonar Crump

Today, I embark on a new mission. Suited with my jet black specs, leather short-cuff gloves, and a back pack full of jerky I head out on the maiden voyage of my new steel steed. (I thought about smashing a beer bottle on the forks, but I just cleaned out the garage yesterday...)

My 6 year old daughter named the bike on Tuesday. First choice: "Sparkles" (not gonna happen). Second choice: "Fire" (bad luck all the way round - Gremlin Bell ain't gonna erase that one). Final selection: "Melody" (she definitely sings like an angel).

I'm envisioning a series of contemplative blog posts coming out of these experiences. As I discuss in my book, time alone with God looks very different on different people. My four hours on Melody today are going to be about pondering the direction and intensity of the wind for the most part. But I'm guessing that alot of what I've been researching and developing into a new book proposal will wedge their way into my thoughts at times.

Godspeed to you in your time alone this week...make sure you get one.

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