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Monday, March 7, 2011

Why can't we just let Jesus be Jesus?

by Martha Woodroof
The Washington Post: On Faith
"I cannot imagine a better role model [than Jesus] for a person of faith; for anyone who also tries to live a relationship with God, rather than just talk about it.

If I'm so into Jesus, why am I not a Christian?

Because the magical deification stories seem both silly and unnecessary - beginning with Jesus being the hybrid son of Mary and God. Could someone please explain to me what, exactly, that's about? And why it's essential to believe it in order to follow Jesus?

It seems to me we owe God more respect than to pussyfoot around with the truth, even if that pussyfooting gives us communal or personal comfort. As I see it, if my relationship with God cannot be based on what I've experienced and so know is true, then - pardon the expression - but to hell with it."
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"What I want so badly is for all persons of faith to recognize the irrelevance of the magic of Jesus in the face of the mission of Jesus. I want us to stop worrying about what we say about Jesus, and start worrying about how we can most effectively follow his example. Therein, to me, lies the true power of the guy who is, arguably, western history's most fully-realized person of faith."

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