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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

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Controversial Book Topic is Making Headline News


Tulsa, OK, August 25, 2010 – New author, Bonar Crump is finding his book THROWING HAMMERS: SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND SELF is creating quite a stir. Ranked #9 on’s Hot New Releases list in June, Crump’s book covers a controversial topic that is making headline news everywhere. World-renowned author and researcher, George Barna, is asking about THE CRISIS OF CONFIDENCE IN THE CHURCH and major news outlets are interviewing prominent author, Anne Rice, about her recent declaration to, “Quit Christianity in the Name of Christ”.

“Those of us that have been paying attention the last 10 years have noticed significant rumblings in the distance concerning Christianity, relevance of the Christian church, and the overwhelming sense that change is coming. The recent denouncements of Christian religion in favor of a direct relationship with Christ by authors like Anne Rice and Carol Harper signal that the birth pains of this provocative message are at hand,” Crump said.

Crump has been receiving support across the nation. One Atlanta-based motivational speaker, Joann Corley, posted a quote from the book on her Twitter page, “We challenge the ‘big dog’ or we accept the leash.” Bonar Crump.

Crump challenges his readers to ask themselves, “How have we reached a point in which 30 million dollar
churches are being built on the South side of town while North-side churches are populated with families who aren’t able to feed their children three full meals a day?” One reviewer on claims that Crump’s book is, “like a spiritual AED (Automated External Defibrillator). An AED can diagnose a number of potentially life-threatening cardiac problems and treat them with an appropriate amount of electrical therapy. Like an AED, this book can apply its own "shock" to your spiritual heartbeat.” Crump says that the churches that focus on outrageous membership growth, vast campuses and ridiculously expensive sound systems are “making a mockery of Christianity and all that Jesus stands for.”

THROWING HAMMERS: SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND SELF is published by CreateSpace and can be purchased on For more information about the author or to preview the book please visit